Total Motion Release

balanceTotal Motion Release (TMR) is a system of corrective exercise that addresses pain and dysfunction by bringing the whole body into balance as it applies to movement.  TMR is used to quickly assess every region of the body to identify potential causes behind a patient’s complaint.   And those causes may not seem obvious at first glance.  For example, the TMR assessment may reveal that a patient’s right shoulder pain is best treated by exercising the lumbar spine.  Or it may be best to exercise the opposite (left) shoulder—or even some other region of the body. 

Total Motion Release is characterized by these hallmark features:

  1. Movements are always made into a pain-free range of motion, so TMR is easy to perform and tolerate.  “No pain, no gain” does not apply.
  2. TMR often treats the affected, painful side of the body by exercising the unaffected, pain-free side of the body.  For example, a person with right hip pain may exercise the opposite (left) hip, and the pain goes away.
  3. TMR provides instant feedback to verify which movements are effective and beneficial.  There is no sense in performing any exercise if it does not demonstrate immediate results, and TMR will let you know if you’re on the right path.
  4. TMR is easy to learn and empowers patients to treat their own pain and dysfunction independently.  Once patients learn TMR, they can apply the system to address any issue anywhere in their body—now and in the future.

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